How It Works

How it works- I am pleased to offer my consulting services and try my best to always be transparent and easy to work with. Therefore I kindly ask that all clients sign our Work Order detailing the scope of the project and both parties’ responsibilities.

Fee Structure
I work on a flat-rate fee per project. Since each project is unique we’ll structure our fee to best fit your budget-needs. I work with all budgets and offer payment plans as needed. 30 day-terms are available on some projects. Client can cancel services any time.

Retainer & Travel Costs
1) Depending on the project I may require a 33% or 50% retainer.
2) All travel expenses must be pre-paid.

Project Development
Depending on the services you need projects can take a week to 3 months, or longer. For example, if you’re building a supply-base for ferrous scrap it may take a year or two to develop the accounts. Please keep in mind this is scrap metal. Very few people cooperate or say ‘yes’ right away. I will help you develop the business plan and refine your business model. We will also develop infrastructure, including your online presence and marketing strategy.

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How It Works