Scrap Iron

Scrap Iron is one of the most in-demand commodities in the world. Last year over 600 million tons of scrap steel was recycled. By 2020 the annual demand for ferrous scrap is going to be over 1 billion tons. Where is the extra 400 million tons going to come from? The largest scrap yard in the world only recycles 14 million tons a year; and they have over 200 locations. Hence the opportunity for this commodity is incredible.

I Can Help You:

1) Increase tonnage across your scale.
2) Source container loads of scrap steel.
3) Source bulk shipments of HMS 1 & 2 and Shredded Steel.
4) Source scrap vessels for breaking.
5) Procure scrap rail.
6) Go Mill-Direct.
7) Increase your supply-security.
8) Open a scrap yard or feeder-yard.
9) Source & procure steel billets and pig iron.
10) Source Iron Ore, Coking Coal, and Limestone.

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Scrap Iron