Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is the second-most traded commodity in the world. And demand for nonferrous metals is intense. The past few years demand for scrap has shifted away from China. The US market has gained strength, making it harder to export as domestic prices are strong. But the payment terms for the US market are not good for the sellers. Thus opening up opportunities for creative buyers.

I Can Help You:

1) Increase tonnage across your scale.
2) Streamline your scrap processing.
3) Source & Procure container loads.
4) Introduce you to buyers and brokers.
5) Assist with grading and analysis.
6) Increase your selling price and margins.
7) Open new end-markets in the US and overseas.
8) Stop chasing the penny.
9) Set up mobile and cloud infrastructure.
10) Establish supply-security.

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Scrap Metal