Start A Scrap Yard

Have you ever wanted to start a scrap yard? There are many types of scrap yards: Small and large. Feeder yards. Export yards. Bulk shipment facilities. Ferrous yards only. And both ferrous and nonferrous yards.

One of the main reasons to open a scrap yard is to be guaranteed supply-security. You don’t need to buy from other yards or unreliable brokers, which will crush your margins. I have to say, the scrap business has been very tough the last 5 years. Many yards closed or went out of business. Other yards were taken over by larger companies. Hence this business is not for everyone.

I Can Help You:

1) Yard design and set up.
2) Find land or dockside real estate.
3) Determine what type of yard to operate.
4) What machinery and equipment is needed.
5) Capital requirements. Project funding.
6) Take you through the permit process.
7) Buy an existing scrap yard?
8) Develop infrastructure.
9) Refine the business model & business plan.
10) Set up day-to-day operations.
And Much More…

Of course this is a major business project. And we would discuss it in-depth so you can decide the best route to go. If you have any questions or would like more information I would be glad to talk with you.

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Start A Scrap Yard